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Support Cooperative Development in the Pacific Northwest

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Building a Cooperative Economy For All

The Northwest Cooperative Development Center works to foster community economic development primarily through the cooperative business model. NWCDC assists people in taking control of their destiny by helping them start new cooperative enterprises or improve their existing cooperatives. NWCDC specializes in resident-owned communities, home care agencies, and conversions of existing businesses to co-ops; however, we assist any group of people seeking cooperative solutions to meet their needs through democratic control.

Cooperative ownership builds resiliency into local communities as co-ops seek to meet member needs. This allows co-ops to continue to operate even it difficult economic times. Because co-ops are owned by the community that they serve, they won't leave for greener pastures. Co-ops are one of the best economic investments a community can make.

We understand that starting a co-op isn't easy. When consumers, producers or workers become business owners of a cooperative, their individual and collective responsibilities greatly increase. New owners face significant challenges to organize, get started and stay on track with a new cooperative business.

To help with these challenges, NWCDC provides facilitation, advising, analysis and access to information and tools for cooperatives. Our pre-development work with startups helps to build business ownership, sound management practices, and economic health.

We serve the Pacific Northwest states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. At any given time, we are supporting dozens of co-ops and providing assistance with educational events, answering questions on the phone, and otherwise helping to move the co-op economy forward. Your donation will help us continue to provide technical assistance to our clients.